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Theme gardens are gardens that are designed around a specific idea and boast a specific focal design or scheme. They are a great way to showcase our interests. Sometimes they include other objects or structures that tie the theme together such as statues, sculptures, planters, birdhouses, a bridge and many more. When designing a theme garden, we’ll combine plants which thrive in your environment and are pleasing to the eye. Your garden will be truly well-designed, unique & sustainable. You don’t have to be limited to just one theme garden.

Key Benefits of Service

You can have as many theme gardens as you have ideas and space for them. Tranquillity is the word here. A strategically constructed theme garden/s can serve as a focal point in your yard as well as a place to relax and enjoy your creation. Some of the common theme gardens are; Contemporary Garden Bird & Butterfly Garden Sensory
Garden Herb Garden Rose Garden Japanese Garden

  • Find a theme to run on
  • Design the garden
  • Install theme
  • Maintain it

Maintenance Tips

Install a trunk guard at the base of the tree to keep back its bed nutrient and water system from being cut. …

Install a trunk guard at the base of the tree to keep works its seds nutrient and water system from being cut. Trunk ours guards also…

Install a trunk guard at the base of the tree to keep its nutrient andwater system from being cut. Trunk guards also protect trees from rodents and other small animals.

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Planting & Removal Charges

Within your budget, you can freshen up your plant with a few key upgrades that will increase your home’s curb appeal. A new gravel driveway or concrete walkway can make your home look like new. Small budgets are good for breaking up a larger project into manageable chunks, so you might splurge for a nice walkway this year and deal with the driveway later.